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Settle your rumbling stomach with some square meals

You're exhausted when you get home from work, and cooking sounds like yet another tiring task. By bringing your family to Just Down The Road Family Restaurant, you get all the comfort of a home-cooked meal-without having to decide who does the dishes.

Our timeless recipes will leave you asking for seconds. Just Down The Road Family Restaurant is sure to become a weekly staple for you.

Check out your new favorite restaurant today. Remember: it's just down the road.

We Are Now Serving Beer & Wine! Stop in Today!

Eat here for a change of pace

Eat here for a change of pace

You won't find any over-processed or unnatural ingredients in our kitchen. We use only the freshest food in our recipes, along with high quality seafood and beef.

You're sure to find something you love on our menu. Stop in today to try our:

⭑ Liver and onions
⭑ Buffalo chicken wings
⭑ Towering turkey clubs
⭑ Mozzarella sticks
⭑ Fried portobello mushrooms

Our fried fish is all freshly battered with our flavorful mix. Once you've had a taste, you'll want to keep coming back for more. We've got plenty of tasty meals on our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, so you can come as often as you like-even more than once a day!

Get to know Hermon, ME's new family restaurant. Visit us today, and bring your family.

Share food and experiences with the people you care about

Family restaurant isn't just in our name. It's an important aspect of our business. We are a family-owned diner serving up supper and smiles to families just like ours. Although our restaurant is relatively new, we strive to provide old-fashioned hospitality and the recipes you remember from childhood. Good manners and great food never go out of style.

Try our mouth-watering pot roast or one of our signature burgers. We look forward to seeing you.

Come to Just Down The Road Family Restaurant this evening to find out what's cooking.

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